Films & videos

The More Things Stay The Same (14 minutes - 16mm/ video - 2009)

the more things stay the same from marc moscato on Vimeo.

Oh, Buffalo! (3 minutes - video - 2005)

Oh, Buffalo! from marc moscato on Vimeo.

If Ralph Nader Was President (3 minutes - video - 2004)

If Ralph Nader Was President from marc moscato on Vimeo.

Grow Your Own (14 minutes - video - 2004)

grow your own from marc moscato on Vimeo.

8 Super 8 Super Heroes (3 minutes - super 8 - 2002)

8 super 8 super heroes from marc moscato on Vimeo.

Go Guerrilla…in Your Living Room! (60 minutes - video - 2001)
A compilation of shorts from the Go Guerrilla! collective
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Be a Cog! (The Best of Employee Training Video) (30 minutes - video - 2001)
A stunningly screwed-up spectacle of the craziest, funniest corporate training videos of all time. Marvel at idiotic propaganda buttressed by shoddy production values! See how hard it is for middle managers to put up with slackers and know-it-alls! Learn how to avoid bumping into things! And of course, watch the fast-food rapper drain the grease while long-lashed hamburger patties sing a lively chorus.
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Zined! (30 minutes - video - 1998)
“Zine aesthetics are dissected, the zine network examined and participants are grilled in Marc Moscato’s rapid fire and ultra low-budget look at an uncontrolled, uncompromising and unrestrained exchange of ideas and free press which seeks, among many other things, to subvert the popular aesthetic of glossy publications and to abuse other people’s (usually corporations’) photocopiers! This wide-ranging and aesthetically exploding documentary could very well be described as a film version of a fanzine, and herein lies its appeal. Moscato, speaks with an amazingly diverse range of zine editors and producers whose photocopied diatribes range from a devotion to art, things you find in the garbage, dance music, punk rock, politics, satire, gender blurring and nothing in particular. Interviews feature APE FANZINE, FREEFIXINS, MRR, PSYCHO MOTO, RIVERSIDE ART SCENE, THE SALIVATION ARMY and loads of others”
-Alex MacKenzie, Blinding Light Cinema