This Saturday, August 22, Loren Sonnenberg will be at the Waypost in Portland to screen URFest, a 97-minute program of activist-inspired documentaries from Buffalo, NY. The films highlight Buffalo’s urban issues such as sustainable housing, community building projects, cooperative ownership models and community food sharing.

I’ve seen much of the work before. Several pieces were submissions for Tough Stuff from the Buff, a program I co-curated and toured less than a month ago (we chose not to include many of these pieces due to the length — some works were created for Squeaky Wheel’s fantastic Channels cable access show).

URFest, while however loose in its curatorial vision, looks to be a timely and relevant show. The program presents a nice complement to Tough Stuff, with more of a documentary/ activist take on contemporary media practice in Buffalo. For more info, check out the site blog here.