Sarah Mirk and I recently made this short vid for Oregon History Comics. The video is to raise money to print a series of 10 comics telling little-known stories from our state and city’s history.

We’re using the social networking site Kickstarter to make the project possible. If you are unaware, Kickstarter is sort of an all-or-nothing fund raising site for grassroots projects. We have until May 31st to reach our goal of $2500 and we’re off to a good start — but we’re still about 25% off the goal with less than 2 weeks to go. We need your help in raising the remaining amount. If we fail to hit $2500 we sadly we get none of the money people have pledged!

Help out by contributing, re-posting and sharing with your friends! Check out the full details, along with updates, photos, a PDF of the first comic and full details here:

Together, we can make this happen! The future thanks you!