Brains, Brilliancy, Bohemia:
Art & Politics in Jazz-Age Chicago

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Presenting photocopies from Chicago’s ill-forgotten radical nightclub, The Dill Pickle Club, hobo gatherings and 1910s-20s ephemera, Brains, Brilliancy, Bohemia provides a timely look at the origin of American counterculture and working class art leading up to the Great Depression.

Art for the Millions: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA
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Art for the Millions is an audio CD and 28-page guided tour of Portland public works projects of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a federally-funded program that provided relief to millions of idle workers during the height of the Great Depression.

Hobo 101: The down and out found strength and hope in Ben Reitman’s Hobo College
(2006, published in Street Roots, Streetwise and Street Vibes)

How I Ended Up in This Zine
(2006, published in You Can Work Any 100 Hours Per Week You Want)

Out of the Basement and into the Streets: Breaching the Gap of Subcultural Refuge
(2004, published in The Squealer)

Starting From Seed
(2003, self-published)
PDF here.

Root For The Little Guy (2003, self-published)

Go Guerrilla (1999-2000, self-published)