web1rfPolitical dissident artist collective Just Seeds treats Portland to not 1 but 2 shows in November: both opening this Thursday (Nov 5)! SEA Change hosts Opposable Thumb, a show about the effects of the human hand, while Reading Frenzy presents Charting our Course, a show about education, literacy and books. Just Seeds runs this fantastic website, as well as producing individual and collective work about political issues and social movements. They also recently printed this Celebrate People’s History poster I helped design on The Dil Pickle Club.

Then, on Friday (Nov 6), Artichoke Music (3130 SE Hawthorne) hosts The Salmon Nation Artist Project, a tribute to our bio-region for the love of fish. The event features readings by several songsters and long-time fisher poets, including: Pat Dixon, Dave Densmore and the always formidable Moe Bowstern. Having been to The Fisher Poets Gathering for the last several years, I can safely say this is a fascinating and unique look into an amazing folk art/ working class subculture working at the grassroots level. You’d be sorry to miss it.