In case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t pay attention to the news, last week the Chasse family was awarded a $1.6 million settlement for the death of James Chasse, the largest civil settelment in the City of Portland’s history. Catch up here.

i am james chasse
This past year I made a T-shirt as a tribute to James and the mistreatment of a 12-year girl who was shot with a beanbag gun for not paying her Trimet fare. Sales from the shirts raise funds for the completion of ALIEN BOY, a documentary Brian Lindstrom is making on the life and death of Chasse. You can still support this noble cause and purchase a T-shirt; however we are running out and will not likely print more.

What we’ve got left:
8 Small
14 Medium
1 Large

Pitch in and pick one up here.