Summer is here and it looks like the last thing I’m interested in doing is blogging! So what have I been doing?

Recently I joined my ol’ pal David Gracon for a bike trip to the coast. It was great! It was like our Tough Stuff bike/ film from last summer, all over again. Speaking of which, my essay about that tour was recently published in Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media. Check it out here.

I’m working two days a week at the farmer’s market for Groundwork Organics. Contrary to the picture on their homepage, they do not endorse child labor; they are great people! Excellent produce too!

I’m busy up to my ears with the Dill Pickle Club. In fact, most of my creativity is going to that organization, so if you want to keep up to date on stuff I’m up to, head here and sign up on the e-mail list.

Come the fall, I will be working on a new project with the Mental Health Association of Portland, administering a public art work dealing with mental health and criminal justice…a sore subject for the City of Portland these days.

Besides that, livin’ life. Who’s got time to blog when there’s so many things to do?