Marjane Satrapi, the creator of Persepolis has created a new series of informative online comics about the recent political turmoil in Iran. Check out Read More

Finished the Tough Stuff from the Buff DVDs. The discs look great! Wrote an essay for the accompanying booklet Persevering Despite the Impossible: A Brief History of Media Activism in Buffalo, NY. Download the booklet as a PDF here. Better yet, buy ...Read More

In my research for the Art for the Millions bike ride, I came across an amazing little-remembered publication, Art Front (1934-1937). This magazine provided a fantastic resource and community sounding board for issues surrounding art and politics during the Works ...Read More

Been busy bloggin the shit out of Tuff Stuff from the Buff, booking the last shows and making a DVD, which is now avail for pre-order. The 70-minute program includes recent works by: Gabirelle Citirniti, Tony Conrad, Critical Art Ensemble, Terry ...Read More

Created a site for The Dill Pickle Club, a new experimental cultural/ education center in Portland, OR. Starting June 2009, The Dill Pickle will begin hosting a monthly presentation series in which academics, zinesters, political activists, artists and people of every ...Read More

Photo by Gabe Graff. Read More

Inspired by AREA Chicago, I recently created a piece for "Grassroots Cartography," an exhibition at SEA Change Gallery in Portland, OR. “Notes for a Peoples Atlas” is a multi-city, participatory mapping and design project that began in Chicago in 2005, ...Read More

Came across this entry while browsing through An Oregon Almanac: A Handbook of Fact and Fancy (1940), a fascinating pamphlet produced as a WPA project of The Oregon Writer's Project. The booklet provides humorous anecdotes and random bits of Oregon ...Read More