On Thursday, May 28, a group of friends got together for a potluck at the Eyeful Gallery/ Dill Pickle Club office space. Over the course of the evening, each attendee retrieved one of their favorite online videos and, together, we ...Read More

3 announcements of important going-ons: Brian Borrello and Vanessa Renwick have teamed up to create a new sculpture in honor of Portland mini-bike critical massers, the Zoobombers. The publicly-sanctioned scultpture features a gold-leafed minibike hoisted above a jumbled pyle of bicycles. ...Read More

This Thurs, May 28, my film The More Things Stay the Same will screen as part of Off the Map: The Western Oregon University Experimental Film Festival. Curated by students in the Art Department at WOU, the program also includes ...Read More

Gadflies who organized The Version Festival in Chicago received a rude awakening last week when a mural that was commissioned as part of the festival was destroyed. Chicago Alderman James Balcer personally took offense to the mural, due to its ...Read More

Getting ready/ planning for "Tough Stuff From the Buff," a summer bike film tour, July 17-August 2. Fellow filmmaker David Gracon and I are teaming up to put the rubber to the road, showing experimental and activist films about Buffalo, ...Read More

Leonard Crowdog is a legend. He served as spiritual advisor to the American Indian Movement (AIM) and played a pivotal role at Wounded Knee during its 71-day siege in 1973. He will be speaking in defense of American Indian activist ...Read More

Check out RIP: A Remix Manifesto, a fantastic new film by Brett Gaylor. Focusing on the "band" GirlTalk, the doc makes a compelling and thoroughly researched argument for the relaxing of intellectual property/ copyright laws, and its implications on everything ...Read More

I have been thinking for a while that I don't agree with Portland's Sit/ Lie Ordinance. I have mostly kept these thoughts inside my head. But recently, it has become hard to ignore the sweeps, the issuing of tickets and ...Read More

Have a short piece coming out in Squeaky Wheel's new issue of the media arts journal The Squealer. Thought I'd post it! We can learn a great deal about the culture and politics that we live under by looking at our ...Read More

Tonight is the first night of The Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival, a five-day underground media shebang, happening at the Clinton Street Theatre & Gallery Homeland, May 6-10. As a former Co-Director of the festival, I'm looking forward to ...Read More